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What I Do

Crush development projects.


Web & App Design

Websites, backend, full stack. You name it, I'll destroy it.


Web Development

Ruby, python, cobra, komodo dragon. Cool stuff, sexy sites, BOOM, done.


SEO Content

Remember that time someone found your site when they were looking for something else? Me neither, I'll fix that.


Mail Campaigns

Have you ever had your mail campaigns integrated with holistic cloud-based analytics? Now you have.

My Works

I love to design and create websites and write code.
Here are some examples of my work:

Clean energy 320x210

Clean Energy Central

Website Design & Development

Clean Energy Central is a website designed to educate people about the benefits and affordability of clean energy. The site is dedicated to helping find the right energy utility option for your home and business.

Eligo Energy is a deregulated energy company that provides clean, affordable energy. I worked with them to create this marketing site to generate traffic and leads.

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Nc billing 320x210


Billing Platform

NextCapital is a tool to help you organize, analyze, optimize and manage your entire portfolio. It's smart, free, objective, and tailored for the user.

I worked with NextCapital to create their billing system for users upgrading to their premium offering. I built the front end styles and functionality to educate the user about the benefits, take and process credit card information, and relay the relevant data to their backend.

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Printeco 320x210


Website Development

PrintEco is a company that makes plugins for Microsoft office and the browser to reduce paper output when printing.

I've been the CTO of PrintEco for 3 years. I built our plugins, designed and implemented our database and analytic solutions, and created our website.

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About Me


I've been writing software since high school and I enjoy solving difficult technical problems. I spent my early career developing financial tools and web applications to help businesses analyze their investment portfolios, combining database integration with web development and design. In 2010 I co-founded PrintEco and managed a team of several developers while building PrintEco's prototype paper-saving software suite. I continue to oversee all technical aspects of the company including our cloud-based analytics dashboard and feature development pipeline. I have a bachelor's degree in mathematics and computer science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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